Cradle of filth tour 2019

My names Adam. I an the founder and drummer of Hybrid Nightmares. This is my recollection of our recent tour with Cradle of Filth.

Hybrid Nightmares are all huge fans of Cradle of FIlth.

I was first introduced to heavy metal with Cradle of FIlth’s album Damnation and a Day.

Over the years we have all gone to see a few Cradle of Filth shows.

Then in 2018 we opened for them at Melbourne’s 170 Russell venue. A dream come true. To perform with musicians we idolised in one of the best venues in our home town of Melbourne.

So when we got the email to ask if we would do all of the Australian dates with Cradle, our collective hearts stopped.

I was at Subway when i got the message from Loki that we got Cradle National. My knees got very week and i couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face.

Preparing for tour began as always.

Our first flight was to Perth. An early flight to Perth.
Having WiFi on the plane was great. Though it wasn’t fast enough to stream Dragonball Super. So i had to deal with the movies on the plane. I’m a nervous flier, so i have music or some sound playing at all times. Unlike Ben and Loki who seem to sleep from take off to landing.

We were greeted by Dunksys mate Jackson. Who also gave us a lift and a place to crash. And had two awesome little doggos.

Onto the show.
It was our first time meeting the Cradle guys for this tour. They were great, and had a similar sense of humour to our group.

Soundcheck went well and we were all preparing for the first assault.
The crowd was great, responsive and seemed to have a great time. I know we did.

We then went back to the house for a good old 5 hours of sleep before our flight to Adelaide the night morning.

When we got to the Airport, the Cradle guys were all there as well. Lindsay came over and sat with us and had a chat, which was lovely and made us all feel welcomed.

We boarded the plane… The Fokker 100.

A smaller plane only 5 seats wide and 20 long.
I was very nervous. BUT it was a smooth flight, until we were coming into land. Coming through the clouds was bumpy. My band mates making jokes and laughing does help me stay calm. But i ended up reading the in flight magazine and learning all about cafe’s in Wadongga.
Then all of a sudden David Bowie’s “Heroes” comes on my phone and the plane smooths out.

The people of Adelaide are some of the most friendly people we’ve ever met.
The venue had a pub attached, which served us half price meals that were fucking good food.

We moved our stuff into the venue, where Loki slept during Cradle’s soundcheck. I don’t know how he does it. He like mutes his ears or something.

On stage that night we had a few technical issues, but besides those Adelaide ruled. You guys really gave us your all.

After the show we had a decision to make.
2 hours sleep in a comfy bed OR 4 hours sleep in the airport…

Well we went 4 hours sleep in the airport. Which honestly was pretty sick.

Flying home to Melbourne tired and in need of sleep, we had a rest day. To get ready for Melbourne the day after.

Now we come from Melbourne. We have played so many shows in Melbourne. And we expect more from a Melbourne crowd because we know what you can do. And you mother fuckers did not dissapoint. You went full wild, and we loved it.

Flying up to Brisbane we knew we wanted to do one thing. Go to Netherworld. The Arcade bar in the Valley has great food and arcade machines. It’s not a HN tour without some Pinball.

There was no green room or bathroom at this venue that was outdoors. And it was such a great experience to play it.

People in Brisbane are insanely cool. We met so many fun interesting people that night. including a girl yelling out “I wanna suck your dick” and another yelling out “I love you”. We felt very wanted to say the least haha.

Unfortunately this was the same night we had a t shirt stolen from us. BUT the man did contact us and pay for it 2 days later.

We had decided to save on flights, which meant we would be driving from Brisbane to Melbourne. Of course stopping in Sydney and Canberra on the way for shows. We drove in the Kia Carnival, which i nicknamed the land Fokker.

Sydney was a ball. What an incredible venue. Loki wore the Cradle leggings on stage, and the crowd had a great time.

Day off in Sydney was great as well. We played pool and went to Minigolf with our good friends Helldump.

To finish off the tour we had Canberra.
Now the last time we played this venue in Canberra, it was to no more than 7 people. So we had nowhere to go but up.
A few mic and sound problems meant we couldn’t play our full set, but we still gave it our all. Being the last show we put everything out on the table.

We drove back to Melbourne the following day, where we slept and also slept…

I hope you enjoyed this blog on our recent tour. I hope to do more blogs on shows including video blogs. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask.

See you at Fleshgod Apocalypse on the 1st of Nov at Max Watts.

— Adam.