The Writing Process: Satya


As we approach the dawning of the Second Age, it is time to conclude the epic chapter of the writing process for the First Age. For this final installment, I have asked Ben to give me his rundown on how he went about writing the introductory piece of beautiful acoustic music he composed for the CD. This is what he had to say:

"Satya began as an experiment, an attempt to write a song from a chord progression rather than from a selection of brutal riffs.
I had verses, choruses and a heap of bridge parts, but there was one section that I felt reached a lot deeper, evoked the right mix of melancholy whilst making you wonder what was coming next. (That’s the part where the drums come in in the finished product). The combination of steel and nylon string guitars juxtapose a strong, bold statement and a quiet reflection respectively (that nylon string broke it’s back soon after, sadly - nothing lasts forever...)
All it needed was a melody to tie everything together, which was originally going to be performed with choir style vocals. In the end, we all decided the guitars alone had a sort of simple beauty to them that we didn't want to diminish.
As Satya came together, it became pretty clear that it was the perfect intro to the First Age. When Batty first performed the drums for it, it was pretty much just the one take, as real as possible, that was needed to give Satya the perfect lift in energy needed to introduce the First Age.
Satya is strong and ordered, but it does give a hint that perfect order is intrinsically fleeting and perhaps even oppressive. The solo tries to push outside this order, playing with rhythm and tonality to hint at the changes to come".
So, there you have it. The completed account of the process that went into composing the First Age. I hope you have enjoyed our reminiscing and the inspirations behind our music. I shall keep posting as the Second Age is released and we spread the will of the Obelisk.
Stay excellent.


The Writing Process: Dead Star Goddess

Hey guys, Jonny here. I know it's been a while, but hey, sometimes reception in space is just shit-house. Now that I have escaped the black hole (which admittedly I should never have flown into to retrieve my frisbee), I can continue to illuminate the thoughts and ideas that led to the creation of the songs you hear on the Ages release. This one has caused a bit of a stir amongst reviewers and fans alike. It is perhaps the strangest of the songs on the First Age, a true amalgam of styles. Without further adieu: Dead Star Goddess:

Dead Star was a bit of a mash up when I put it together, anyone who is really familiar with the band may recognize some of the bridge riffs from an older song which got scrapped before we recorded the self titled EP. The opening chord progression and chorus sections were my attempt to understand how Ghost writes some their music. When I found that first chord that you hear at the start of the song, it reminded me a bit of Aussie black metal heroes Ruins. From there I attempted to create a Ruins interpretation of Ghost and the strange aggressive/melancholic melody of the first half of the song was born. Ben has a shredder of a solo during the bridge and Loki put some really quick rhymes over those pummelling riffs. I think lyrically, the song is quite a beautiful blend of epic mythos and applicable philosophy.


Short and sweet I know, but honestly this song came strangely naturally to us and was one of the easier ones to get the structure down. It can't all be aches and pains, sometimes a song just works and there really wasn't much to it. It is one of my favorites off the Ages release and I hope to hear feedback from you guys... so I can laugh and show the guys, so that they can laugh... then we will destroy a star system to celebrate...there will be much mirth. Thank you Earthlings, for showing us this "humour" you hold so dear. It is the only thing that has saved your puny planet thus far...that and Krispy Kremes. SpaceGod Bless America.




In the Studio - Feb roundup.


This months episodes of "In the Studio" are here. And our first outtake has been shown. Hybrid Nightmares does not make many mistakes. not many, if any.. But stay tuned and remember to subscribe. You might just see another 1...or 6.

Suggest any videos you wish to see. Drum cam footage, Guitar solo guides, Bass patterns, Vocal patterns or the all out orgy that was had at the last Obelisk X-mas party.

The Writing Process: The First Age - Black Heart


Alrighty folks, I'm back for another installment of the writing process behind the First Age and this week I focused on the hook heavy and ultimately catchy Black Heart. Black Heart:

So Black Heart has a very strange origin story. At the time it was written; there were some tensions in the band during the recording of the self titled EP. In August of 2011 Trivium released In Waves and I was completely taken with the new direction. The band however did not share my enthusiasm. It felt like this little disagreement and the barbed comments and heckling were epitomising the underlying tensions and as a result I wrote Black Heart as a reaction, to prove that Trivium’s new sound channelled through Hybrid Nightmares could create a powerful song. The riffs just fell into place and before I knew it, the song wrote itself. It probably has the least black or extreme metal influence and I think the heaviness in some parts comes more from the frustration I felt at the time, than from the actual music being heavy. What really made the song for me was when we finally got around to working on it as a band, we were fresh and new, old tensions forgotten. We were becoming the well oiled and efficiently creative machine we are now. Loki’s layered vocals really blew me away and when Ben showed us his solo, I nearly wept because it was so perfect. I must tip my hat to Batty also who took the song away and wrote the incredible drum patterns that add yet another layer to the killer chorus I can’t help but sing in my head constantly. This song started as a childish angry reaction to goading and became a mature and heartfelt collaboration from everyone in the band.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of insight on our song and I hope to see you at the next gig!