Battys TOP 10 - Movies


So here is a list of movies i think you should check out. Most of the people that know me or have seen a picture of me will know i love horror movies. But this list will contain others. These are in no specific order.  

The Devils Rejects

We will start with a movie i loved from the first time i saw it. A movie where the soundtrack is on my most played list. This is of course The Devils Rejects by Rob Zombie. It tells the story of a family of murderers who are escaping the law. Now this movie makes you root for the bad guys. Because the supposed good guy is blinded by revenge, he suddenly becomes a cock. The first movie "House of a thousand corpses" did not have you rooting for the family at all. They were the average bad guys. Who killed and were messed up. Then TDR just turns it all around.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

One of my favourites since i was lad. I still sing Pure Imagination all the time. This is one of my favourite scenes. And Gene Wilder is one of my favourite comedic actors.


Dead snow

This Norwegian movie about Nazi zombies won my heart when it first came out. I watched it three times in two days. This is a great scene and sort of sums up the whole movie. Dead snow 2 is out this year and i cant wait.


Army of Darkness

I watched this for the first time when i was 13. And i thought it was the greatest movie i'd ever scene. Loved every part of it. The crappy effects made this movie 100 times better.


Friday The 13th Part 7 - The New Blood

My favourite of all the Friday the 13th's Kane Hodder is the best Jason.


Friday The 13th Part 8 - Jason Takes Manhattan

My second favourite Friday the 13th haha. This one has some great deaths. Like the boxer and the punk chick haha.


Batman (1989)

This was the first Batman movie i saw. I think i watched it daily for a while. I loved Batman as a kid. The music was so good in this movie. The start of the movie with the DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAA DAA. Loved it. And jack Nicholson as the Joker was rad. The one line that sticks in my head is "Have you ever danced wit the devil in the pale moon light?"


The Nightmare Before Christmas

I think this movie makes a lot of peoples top 10. But that is only because its so good.


The Mask

Another movie that needs no explanation as to why i love it.


Little Shop of Horrors

You can tell by now i like musicals. This is a great one about an alien plant who wants to take over the world. Great songs and story. This one is great. the in mouth camera is awesome.



So what did you think of my list. I could of done a top 100. But i wanted to try and keep it short and movies that you already knew i liked. This did start as a top 5 haha. What do you think of these movies? If you haven't seen them yet, go give them a watch and tell me what you think.