Ben put up his top 5 video clips a while ago. I thought i would share mine. Being a lover of horror movies and well all movies. I wonder if you could guess any of my choices??? First up in no particular order:

1. Sepultura - Convicted In Life

I first saw this clip on headbangers ball a long time ago. But i started to watch it just after the name of the song and artist had gone. So it took me a while to find this song again. I really like the decent into hell. When the man commits suicide and he shows up in hell. Then the tree is cut down and forms around another person. The band all have hoodies which when the song kicks it all throw long hair out of them. And the drummer has goat feet. How awesome is that.


2. Strapping Young Lad - Love?

Now of course this clip is basically The Evil Dead movie with SYL in it. which is why i love it. First song and clip of the band i heard. And a band that would change me. I love the shots of them playing with the mirror on the side but they arent in the mirror. The drum kit one is the best.


3. Dimmu Borgir - Puritania

When i first saw this clip it scared me. And i liked it. The purple and blue lights with the fire behind them. It gave me shivers. And showed me how evil metal could be. Such a simple clip with heaps of feeling in it.


4. Misfits - Scream

It was really hard to decide between Scream and Dig up her Bones. But Scream is such a good clip. When the 6 foot 3 and also wearing 4 inch boots Doyle is chasing the girl it was terrifying. I love the black and white with shots of the band live in colour, sort of going for the night of the living dead look.


5. The Beards - You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man

Do i have to say anything?


I'd love to know your opinions on these clips. Please leave some feedback.