David 'Saiyan Prince' Maher


Hello and welcome to the first installment of 'HN Fan of the Week'. Each week we will be giving one fan a moment in the spotlight and the opportunity to tell us about themselves as well as ask us three questions. This week the light of the almighty Obelisk shines upon David 'Saiyan Prince' Maher.  



Name : David “Sayain Prince” Maher

Age: 29 Earth Years, Countless lifetimes.

Location: Somewhere between Melbourne and the threshold of hell.


1 How old were you when you first found heavy metal music?

I would have had to have been around 14 when I first started to get into heavy metal music, lo and behold I even had luscious long elven like hair to headbang with in those spritely days……alas, no more, but I digress….


2 What was the first metal album that you bought?

The first album I bought was Korn’s follow the leader, obviously as a young lad of 14, not unlike many I started off with nu metal and gradually progressed to harder, heavier, more technical and more brutal music.


3 What was the first concert that you went to?

Being kiwi born and bred the pickings were always rather slim but at age 16 I had my first live metal experience, which was actually two bands, Linkin Park and Pantera……first mosh pit experience and I loved every minute of it.


4 Who is one band you want to see live?

Rammstein, I missed them 3 times due to various circumstances over the years, and I would dearly love to see them at the Wacken festival in Germany.


5 If you could make one heavy metal supergroup which band members would you pick?

I have a great fondness for the local metal scene these days, so what I would like to see is collaboration from all the various local groups to make orchestral style metal…..I think that would be epic. It would be too hard for me to have to pick individual members of bands to form one group…..there is such an expansive pool of talent to pick from after all.


6 How did you discover Hybrid Nightmares?

The Obelisk's gaze penetrates all, and once it’s eye is fixated on you there is no looking back…..I first saw HN at the espy when they were supporting Ne'Obliviscaris and I was captivated by their stage presence, humor and mythological metal themes, picked up the EP and have been a “Nightling” under the guidance of The Obelisk ever since.


7 What is your favourite HN song and why?

Without a doubt it is upon the cursed wings, because no flame burns brighter than revenge. Great lyrics and theme and love how mosh friendly the rhythm is.


8 If you had to describe someone what genre we are what would you tell them?

Never been big into genre categorizing bands before, for me there are only 2……good and shit. Regardless of the type of music. So if I was trying to describe HN I would simply say they are fucking good bro! check them out!


9 What’s your favourite HN gig that you’ve been to?

I really enjoyed when they supported Enslaved at the Hi Fi but it’s followed very closely by their latest show in which they revealed their new robes…….big fan of robes myself, and particularly enjoyed the polarization of opinion they caused, which I find only fitting for the style of music they play, originality goes a long way in this stagnant and lack luster musical marketplace where people walk on the safe and "done" side all too often.


10 If we were going to cover a Disney song which one would it be?

Either Be Prepared from the Lion King or Hellfire from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

 And now for Some Questions From David

Q. What are each of the members favourite tracks on the EP?

A. Ben, Jon and Batman all favor Ashes, Loki has his fancy tickled by Emperor & Gummas likes Mourn Not The Dead.


Q. Are you really all Freemasons?........really?

A. To be a Freemason is to be mortal, and that we are not...furthermore no-one is truly free, we are all slaves to The Obelisk


Q. Is Ben really a Cylon? I think I might be as well…..

A. we are all fish swimming in the stream. All of this has been before and all will be again.



Thats all for this week. If you would like to be selected for HN Fan of the Week then shoot an email to theband@hybridnightmares.com containing a photo of you with your favourite piece of HN merch and we will get in touch.