Live Review: Hybrid Nightmares supporting Gloryhammer @ The Espy 19/4/14


We at Hybrid Nightmares want to wish a massive thank you to Gloryhammer, & Lagerstein for having us on the show and an even bigger thank you to each and every one of you who came down early and supported us during our set. You were one of the wildest crowds we've played to yet and definitly fuelled our performance with your relentless energy and constant interaction. We feel we absolutely smashed our set and this made up for Gumley's dismal performance in the Pavlova eating competition (where Big Phil from Lagerstein smashed both Gummas and Christopher Bowes by a whopping 12 seconds). A great time was had by everyone and we can't wait to perform for you again. We've included The Metal Obsession review of our set below and would love to hear your feedback. What did you think of the new UV lights show? What did you think of our new songs 'Illumination' & 'Show Me What it Means to Die'? and would you like to see more onstage antics such as the Pav-Off in future live shows? Let us know in the comments section below. Lokgh1M4A1199

Metal Obsession writes:

"Hybrid Nightmares were next on the roster. In what I can only best describe as ‘melodic black metal’ these chieftains of extreme swayed the crowd into ecstasy the whole time they were on. Donned in white robes and corpse paint, they used a fluorescent solution in their paint that made them glow in the dark (even my mate suggested another cool idea, for them to wear full white or red contacts). While that may sound odd on paper it actually looked awesome on stage! And people responded to it really well. Especially with how band frontman Loki seemed to effortlessly engage the crowd and get them pumped. As the band would continually headbang as one, the crowd happily joined in inviting chants, fist pumping, and throwing up of the horns. Not to mention Loki’s proclamation of ‘Let me see those Viking windmills, mother fuckers!’ unsurprisingly drawing a great response.

Loki went on to say, ‘We are the unfathomable, unconquerable, unmolestable’ – everyone cracked up at that one – ‘servants of the Obelisk!’ before debuting live a new song off their upcoming full-length. Hybrid Nightmares sounded fantastic with a melancholic and devastating rhythm section, coupled by erratic white lights and enshrouding smoke that coaxed back and forth fist pumps and chanting. They just owned the stage and the crowd loved it. And on what is one of my favourite songs of theirs off their eponymous debut EP, “Upon the Cursed Wings” sounded perfect live.

They later played another new track labeled “What It Means to Die” that garnered a strong reaction from the audience. For a last minute replacement – they replaced Bane of Winterstorm who had to pull out of the gig for personal reasons – Hybrid Nightmares drew one of the stronger responses of the evening and performed extremely well on the night." (read the full article here) bengh1M4A1167gumgh1M4A1187

Thanks again to everybody who came down, stay tuned for the announcement of two more shows this week.

Hybrid Nightmares