Loki - The Cockpit


So it would appear that we all have our own little faucet from which we can drip forth drops of knowledge and engage with you all at an individual level. As the Grand Cosmic Overseer of our intergalactic death fortress I will be reporting on the sights and sounds we experience in the bridge. Yes, the cockpit is exactly what it sounds like.

I will be posting lyrics, pictures and stories I have recorded in our endless datalogs for you all to enjoy. The purpose of this is to slowly corrode away your mental barriers to the point where we can penetrate your brain with a virus so evil and destructive that it will crush you within a fuckteenth of an iota of your existence.

We are ready to release heaps of material for you, some of which is already in circulation. The cockpit is an opportunity for us to provide you with some back story and insight into the inner workings of Hybrid Nightmares.

You will hear from me soon. May the light of the Obelisk shine forever upon you.