Sub-Genre Overdose


I often get asked what genre does Hybrid Nightmares fit into. It's a bit like being asked to describe yourself, to someone who has never met you before, in 1-5 words, and hoping they'll understand who you are. Perhaps that's why we tend to see so many sub-genres in metal these days. If I described a band as thrash, what immediately jumps to mind? Is it speed, violence and brutality? Or maybe you think of Metallica or Slayer? Regardless of what you thought of, you've already got an expectation in your mind about what the band is going to sound like. And you may have already begun to judge the band in question.

Of course, we do this every day when we meet people and form a first impression (one study found we have formed our opinions within 100ms), and we can do the same thing by listening to a few songs by a band. The issue is that in this example, we haven't even HEARD the band before we've started judging them!

So, invariably, people start to add extra tags to their description of the 'Thrash" band. Maybe it's blackened thrash. Or tech thrash. Eventually however, similar inferences are made based on these titles that may not be reflect the music.

I argue that instead of relying on a genre or a tag to determine what sort of band you're going to listen to, assume they're going to be something you like. If you listen, and love it, great, you can call the band whatever you want! If you don't, hey, that's ok, you gave it a try, and its genre doesn't really matter to you now anyway. Whilst you may waste a bit of time checking out bands you don't like, you just might find something special by adopting this approach, without any of the preconceived notions a genre tag might carry.

So what genre is Hybrid Nightmares? I say post-apocalyptic melodic thrashcore with elements of sci-fi death and a topping of smooth jazz. Otherwise, I just say metal, and let people decide for themselves. You guys probably have a less biased opinion though, so if we had to pick a genre, what would you call us?

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