Rosha Azizi - HN Fan of the Week.


IMG_3264 Returning for our 3rd installment we would like to welcome Rosha Azizi, one of our most loyal and ever present fans. Rosha moved to Australia from Iran and has told us many an interesting stories about how metal was illegal in her home country, something many of us simply take for granted. We asked her a few questions about metal and HN, read on to hear what she had to say.

Name: Rosha Azizi Age: 25 Location: Melbourne (from Iran)

1) How old were you when you first found heavy metal music?

I was around 12 y.o when I first discovered the "Heavy metal " genre and was quickly attracted to it

2) what was the first metal album that you bought?

living in a country where metal (or good music generally) is banned I have never had the chance to buy an album over there , the first metal album I received as a gift though was " Hatebreeder" by Children Of Bodom

3) What was the first concert that you went to?

the first concert I went to was Metallica's death magnetic tour back in 2009 when i first moved to Australia

4) Who is one band you want to see live?

I'd see Metallica live any day

5) If you could make one heavy metal supergroup which band members would you pick?

If I had the chance to make a super group of my favorite artists , it would be : Chuck on vocals and guitars , Alexi Laiho on guitars and Frost as the drummer , couldn't care about the bassist (sorry Jon)

6) How did you discover Hybrid Nightmares?

I met the Hybrid nightmares guys in the alley way after their DV8 gig about 2 years ago , I knew Adam before then , we bought their CD then and fell in love with it instantly , we first saw them live at a gig in Frankston

7) What is your favourite HN song and why?

My favorite HN song is "Upon The Cursed Wings " its a beautiful song with great riffs , its fast and extreme at points and gets slow and soothing , its like a little story

8) If you had to describe someone what genre we are what would you tell them?

I'd describe the band as " Melodic Blackened extreme metal " because I find all those elements in the music

9) What was your most memorable HN Gig

without exaggeration < I think I've been to %90 of HN gigs and enjoyed them all , my favorite one was at the FTG hotel , as it was local and I took my mom to see them too

10) If we were going to cover a Disney song which one would it be?

I think HN needs to cover "under the sea" from the little mermaid . it would be pretty cool


Rosha's Questions For HN

1) when is the new EP/album coming out?
It will be out by mid to late 2014, we can promise it will be well worth the wait.
2) do you guys all help writing the lyrics or everyone does it separately for their instruments and Loki just writes the lyrics ? 
This album has seen all members collaborating across all of our respected instruments as well as lyrics with each member contributing to almost every song in some way shape or form.
3) what would be your favorite international band to see ?
Too many to list but lets say if Immortal, Dimmu & Satyricon did a triple bill we would murder to be on the lineup.

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Curtis "Eternal Rage" Richards


hello and welcome to the second installment of HN Fan of the Week. In case you didn't know, The Almighty Obelisk see's all -  it's gaze pierces flesh, stone and even the core of the Earth and has come to rest upon an individual half a world away from us. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Curtis Richards, our first international fan all the way from Colarado USA to the fan of the week spotlight.

erf1sOG2_sVf.jpg_small Name: Curtis Richards Age: 30 Location: Colorado, USA

1) How old were you when you first found heavy metal music?

I guess it would have been when I was around 12 years old. Grew up on country and ventured into rock like REM and DMB. Nothing clicked for me until metal.

2) what was the first metal album that you bought?

The first metal album I wanted to buy was Paranoid by Black Sabbath. My father was with me and thought that may be to much all at once, so he made me buy a different album to "ease" me into the genre. So, I bought the other CD and we listened to it on the way home. Both of us were less than impressed with the purchase. The next day I'm sitting at home and my father brings in Paranoid and said he was sorry for making me waste my money.

3) What was the first concert that you went to?

First actual metal concert was Static-X. First ever concert of any genre was Kansas...yep, that's right, Kansas. Grew up in a country town, really had no outlet for metal...

4) Who is one band you want to see live?

Can't narrow it down to one. Amon Amarth and Immortal would share the number one spot.

5) If you could make one heavy metal supergroup which band members would you pick?

Dez Fafara/Abbath - Vocals Samoth/Scott Ian - Rhythm guitar Dave Mustaine/Alexi Laiho/Galder - Lead Guitar Rex Brown/Steve Harris - Bass Charlie Benante/Nick Menza/Dave Lombardo - Drums

6) How did you discover Hybrid Nightmares?

Joined the twitter to keep up on music and musicians I enjoyed and discover more music I liked. Also joined to find comic creators and find more comics I may like. Always looking for the relatively unknowns in the metal scene. I enjoy sampling what is out there and listening to the stuff they don't play on the radio.

7) What is your favourite HN song and why?

There are very few albums I can listen to all the way through. When you find on you can, it's hard to pick a favorite from it. Ashes of the Astral Winter is tops, I think. The drum line in the beginning is superb, Batty brings it during the opening. Loki's vocals are perfect and keep the pace, not following the music, charging it forth. After the first break down, Gummas and Ben, become this relentless juggernaut of churning guitar. Mr. Helwinter is like a general on the battlefield with the bass line that keeps the pace of the song. I forgot to mention, Loki's howls are some of the best in metal.

8) If you had to describe someone what genre we are what would you tell them?

We've talked about this before. Initially, I'd have to throw out the "black metal" label, but you are so much more than that. "Blackened metal" may be a better term because that leaves it open to interpretation. Of course I'd liken the sound to Immortal, but, again, you have your own distinct sound and when it get down to it, you are more diverse than Immortal.

9) You're on the other side of the world, reckon you will make it to a show one day?

I have an uncle that lives down in Perth. I may make it down that way and a Hybrid Nightmare show would be the first thing on my list.

10) If we were going to cover a Disney song which one would it be?

I have no idea...the wife said something from Nightmare Before Christmas. I was thinking something from The Incredibles.

Ask us 3 questions 1. Who is the main influence in your lives? Musically or personally?

Musically each of the five of us are inspired by different bands and artists and this is why our sound is so unique and diverse, We draw inspiration from bands like Dimmu, Immortal and Cradle just as much as we do Metallica and even filmscores like Lord of the Rings. Abbath from Immortal would have to be a personal influence as well, he is one of the grimmest blokes out there but still has fun and doesn't take himself too seriously,  something a lot of black/extreme metal bands could do well to learn from. 2. What movies do you enjoy? Or What's your favorite movie? I think Batty and I may share some interests here.

Batty loves his horror movies but if we had to submit one movie as our collective favourite it would be Predator. Many a friday night after band practice we all get into our jammies, make up a batch of hot chocolate and settle down to Schwarzenegger classic 3. Who would you like to headline with?

We'd love to play a tour with Immortal, Dimmu or Cradle, who knows one day we might play with all three.

Curtis "Lastly, thanks to all of the Hybrid Nightmares brigade for being extremely cool to their fans and doing the legwork to get your name out there. I am actually happy I joined twitter when I did."


A massive thank you to Curtis for being this weeks FOTW. If you would like your moment in the spotlight and the opportunity to ask us any three questions, email us at theband@hybridnightmares and we'll organize an interview with you.