Gumley's Top 5 - Greatest Metal Songs of all Time


Hello everybody and welcome to the new Hybrid Nightmares website. We are going to be interacting with our fans a lot more and through this blog hope to offer you a greater connection and deeper insight as to who we are and  what we are all about. This is my first article and to kick it off I have decided to talk about the songs I believed the top five greatest heavy metal tracks of all time. The songs I chose were all very important to me in my teenagers years, a time when I first found metal and knew it would be a lifelong journey for me. The songs I'm presenting today are heavy metal classics that I believe are standard listening for every metal head. I can already hear a lot of the elitists complaining about how popular & mainstream my list is but that is the reason that I have chosen them. They have all had a hand in shaping the history of heavy metal and stir something in the heart of every metal head. 1. Hallowed Be Thy Name- Iron Maiden

Clocking in at just over seven minutes, everything about this song is epic. The track begins with a haunting clean intro and the tolling of a bell before kicking into high gear and assaulting you with riff after tasty riff of guitar goodness. Bruce Dickinson delivers a world-class vocal performance singing an epic tale of a man who reflects on his life of crime and the uncertainty of what lies beyond death in his final hours before execution. You’re treated to an epic duelling guitar solo and a final harmonised maiden riff before presenting a truly magical anthemic chorus chanting “hallowed be thy name” A true classic for any metal fan.

2. Master of Puppets - Metallica

Metallica's choice to pursue a more commercial musical direction in recent years has seen them lose favour with many a true metal head but despite what they are doing here and now it would be truly wrong to deny what a huge influence that they had in shaping the genre of heavy metal and the respect they deserve because of it. Choosing a Metallica track for this list was extremely hard as they have so many great tracks from the early albums but I  picked master of puppets as I believe it set a benchmark for heavy metal when it was first released in 1986 and continues to be a benchmark to this day. Just like Hallowed be thy name, Puppets is driven by a collection of riffs that are extremely technical and were groundbreaking at the time of release. The true aggression of heavy metal is channelled into the guitar and drums which are ensured to get your foot tapping and your head banging. Hetfield's clever lyrics explore what it is like to be addicted to cocaine and other substances that become the puppet masters of dependant junkies. Not only are the lyrics extremely well written but the chorus is also extremely catchy, uniting all to sing along and partake. The middle of the song transitions to a clean section presenting a catchy melodic guitar solo before building into a furious climax of shredding guitar solo and more driving riffs that only build in momentum as the song pushes towards the final chorus.

3. Holy Diver - Dio

I have no idea what a holy diver is nor what the hell Dio is singing about but I do know that this is the song sounds so good that I don’t care. The best way to describe this song is 'simple yet effective’. It takes a classic hard rock riff with some punchy drums coupled with a slowed down horse gallop rhythm guaranteed to have your head bopping along. Dio’s golden voice sings absolute nonsense but to extremely melodic and catching vocal patterns. There is a repeating refrain and a killer guitar solo in the middle before we return to the classic riff and Dio’s shouts of 'holy diver’ until to fade out.

4. Cemetery Gates - Pantera

Just like Metallica, a Pantera song was an extremely hard choice because they have so many that have had a lasting influence on the genre. This song not only has the classic Pantera aggression but also features softer melodic sections that create great contrast and give stronger emphasis to the hate being portrayed in the high energy sections. The song is just extremely well written both musically and lyrically and ends with one of the most memorable power screams in all of all heavy metal.

5. Angel of death- Slayer


What better represents the hatred, anger and ruthless aggression that is heavy metal better than Slayer’s Angel of Death?

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Cheers Gummas

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