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Hail Nightlings Our minions have been toiling relentlessly to get our new shirts and merchandise produced and shipped across the galaxy to Earth. They have now arrived and can be ordered at any time from our ONLINE STORE

For those of you who pre-ordered shirts & hoodies you can expect them to arrive within a week or two, don't forget to send us a pic in your new HN gear throwing down the horns via Facebook, Twitter or email (

New Hybrid Nightmares Merch Released


"I hear your call my children

And so I have returned

To cast your souls in crystal

And watch your cities burn."

The Obelisk has watched the children of man since the very start, since the dawn of the first age when all was good and righteous. It saw the first of us die, and the slow descent of mankind in maniacy. Across the four ages, it has watched and waited for the time when, once again, all life will become death, and in death be reborn. Hybrid Nightmares gives to you five new designs for general pre order (not limited edition) along with the "True Aussie Poser Metal" and "Geometry" designs here (limited edition, pre-order only). As the obelisk lifts the veil of secrecy from our work, the designs and ideas will become more perceptable.

Hail the Obelisk!

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"The Second Age" Girly Fitted

The Third Age Unisex Double Sided Shirt

"Servants of the Obelisk" Unisex Double Sided Shirt

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