Hybrid Nightmares touring Japan in 2016

日本語: ハイブリッドナイトメアーズから皆さんに喜ばしい発表があります。2016年に初めての日本ツアーをすることになりました。フィントロールと二回、そして自分たちのライブを二回演奏します。詳細は下記をどうぞご覧ください。


2016年01月20日-Yamaguchi - Live Rise Shunan

2016年01月22日 - Tokyo - Duo Music Exchange

2016年01月23日 - Osaka - Namba Rockets

2016年01月24日 - Ashikaga - Livehouse Taishikan




"Hybrid Nightmares" are proud to announce that we will be going to Japan for the first time in January 2016. We are playing two shows with "Finntroll", as well as two of our own shows elsewhere. Please see a full list of dates below:

20.01.2016 -Yamaguchi - Live Rise Shunan

22.01.2016 - Tokyo - Duo Music Exchange

23.01.2016 - Osaka - Namba Rockets

24.01.2016 - Ashikaga Livehouse Taishikan

We are excited to see you in January!


Tour Poster

Dawning Of The Fourth Age


Hail Nightlings! The Dawning of The Fourth Age is Upon Thee!

"The violent orchestrations of warfare give way to the cacophony of universal doom. The Third Age concludes in a wave of blood and smoke, the forces of light retreating before the crimson-midnight horrors and star devouring nightmares that herald in the New Age on ebony trumpets carved from the black heart of a twisted species. This is the Age of Destruction. All that is good is abandoned as the universal order is plunged into chaos and gibbering madness, the laws of reality rent and torn like an ephemeral funeral shroud worn in mourning for a cosmos without hope of redemption. In this Age, the ancient powers that maintain vigil over the universe become avatars of destruction and like primordial forces of nature, rage and crush all of creation beneath their fiery tread. The last of the light is dying, it fades on the horizon and with the closing of the day; so shall a night of unfathomable darkness descend to extinguish all hope, all will and all thought. This will be the ending of the Ages, the final Act in the cosmic tragedy, this is the Fourth Age. Soon, the stories of ’The Fourth Age' will be told.”

The Fourth Age will be released both digitally and physically on the 20/10/15

The CD Launch for 'The Fourth Age' will take place on the 14/11/15 at 'The Prince Bandroom in St Kilda. We'll be playing alongside Naberus, Decimatus, Trigger, Stormtide and Behold The Defiant. Facebook event here

To pre-order your copy of 'The Fourth Age' or to buy tickets to our CD launch event click here

All Hail The Obelisk

The Third Age Is Upon You


Hail the Kvlt, The Third Age is out now! To purchase your copy please head to our web store or head to your favourite digital distributor below:






Thanks and hails!

What people are saying about The Third Age:

"Instead of inspiring more of the same, they have taken it and made it their own" - Metal Obsession

"The band broke so much new ground but the whole thing is still undeniably HYBRID NIGHTMARES" - Shadey's World

"...perfect for any fan of aggressive progressive metal..." - Headbanger Reviews

"...if  you  are  a  fan  of  progressive  black  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  ep...8/10 - Occult Black Metal Zine

New Merch Has Arrived, Pre-Orders Sent Out


Hail Nightlings Our minions have been toiling relentlessly to get our new shirts and merchandise produced and shipped across the galaxy to Earth. They have now arrived and can be ordered at any time from our ONLINE STORE

For those of you who pre-ordered shirts & hoodies you can expect them to arrive within a week or two, don't forget to send us a pic in your new HN gear throwing down the horns via Facebook, Twitter or email (