On The Radar

Gumley's Corner - An introduction to my regular features


Hello everyone and welcome to the new Hybrid Nightmares' website. We're going to have a new focus on connecting with our fans and engaging through articles, discussions and by posting whatever we find interesting and relevant to our local metal scene.  I have plenty of great ideas for our new blog style website and want to introduce some of my regular features which I will update on a weekly basis.


hornsGumley's Top Five: this one is pretty straight forward, I put together a list of my five favorite things, explain why I think they deserve their spot and invite you all to join in an open discussion on whether or not you agree.

riffworksRiffworks: each week I will be showing you how to play a new Hybrid Nightmares riff on the guitar. It will feature both Hybrid Nightmare's classics and new riffs from our upcoming release. I plan to expand this to full song play throughs and technique lessons.

radarOn The Radar: one of the most important things about being in a band is going to other people's shows and supporting your local scene. I will be posting  live show + album reviews, live shots, interviewing band members and keeping you informed on who is kicking arse and worth checking out.

music-industryIndustry Advice: A feature for bands and aspiring musicians. There is no set road to success in the music industry rather each band needs to find the path that best suits their own unique journey. I'm here to offer my advice (learned the hard way through dealings with both Hybrid Nightmares and Brimstone Bookings as well as what I picked up when studying my music degree) and tips on what to avoid, what to try out, what can be done better, as well as reflecting upon and posting helpful articles I have found on the net or in my time studying music business

Heavy-Metal-Wallpaper-metal-21000460-1280-720Defender of the Faith Each week I am going to pick out one fan from our Facebook, Twitter or Mailing List and, conduct a short interview and give them a spotlight on our website.

that's all from me for today and I look forward to writing some articles for all of you to read. If you have any ideas for other features please let me know in the comment section Cheers