album update

Studio Update + Gumley Wrist Injury


Hail Nightlings As you all know we have been hard at work in the studio for a little over a year now and as frustrating as that is we can let you know that our next project is nearing completion and will be well worth the wait. Our next release has the working title 'Ages' and explores the creation and destruction of a society of greater beings and the inevitable battle between good and evil that all sentient races must face...and from the ashes of a previous era a new one begins and the cycle of existence repeats again and again for all time.

If you look in 'The Ages' section of our website you will find this

"After creation, we have an era of peace. Death and disease are unknown – all that exists is perfect order and harmony across the cosmos. All things must end, however, and as the first man dies, the first vestiges of chaos herald a new age. As man becomes more and more frightened of losing what he has, war and conflict break out, bringing in an age where order and chaos are just barely balanced. When this balance breaks, chaos reigns supreme, with death and destruction as the only rulers of the stars.

At the end of this age, we see a rapid decay….and a rebirth. The cycle repeats. And repeats again. But every age has its story, and every story has its teller"

Those of you who have been to our live shows this year may have heard our new tracks 'Illumination, Satya & Show Me What It Means To Die". These tracks make up a small amount of the 94 minutes of music we have recorded for this release. Unfortunately our guitarist Michael suffered a wrist injury and has a compressed nerve which has kept him out of action for the last 3 months. The good news is that he is on the road to recovery and once his lead tracks have been laid down then the album will be ready to be sent off for mastering. Ex HN Guitarist Trav will be filling in for Gummas for our Geelong & Ballarat shows whilst we expect Gummas to make his return at 'Hell On The Bay Metal Festival' in September. We are still shooting for a late 2014 release date and will return to regular live shows and touring in support of our new material.

Hybrid Nightmares 'Ages' is shaping up to be an epic project. You can expect 94 minutes of genre challenging metal featuring classic heavy riffage, anthemic choruses, sombre neoclassical moods, raging black and brutal death metal monstrosities, plenty of groove and the odd progressive masterpiece...all of this accompanied by our new costumed and Glow-in-the-Dark themed live show. Keep your eyes to the horizon for the Age of the Obelisk is about to begin.