Loki and Gummas on Metal Genesis Radio



Last Friday night both Loki and Gummas made an appearance on PBS 106.7 FM's Metal Genesis Radio. The boys talked about the upcoming 'Hell On The Bay' Heavy Metal Cruise which HN will be playing this year as well as talking about who Hybrid Nightmares are and what punters can expect from our upcoming release.

'Hell on the Bay 2014' is a Heavy Metal Boat Cruise that will feature 5 live bands (Lord, Ruins, Hybrid Nightmares, Demolition & Bane of Winterstorm) as well as Madhouse Metal DJ's in our downstairs party room. Punters will get 4 hours of cruise time around Port Phillip Bay, a pizza dinner and 5 premier metal bands. This year's event takes place on the Victoria Star Cruise Ship on the Sat 6th of September, tickets are $55 from the Brimstone Store, early bird tickets have already sold out so get in early and avoid missing out.

HOTB 2014full


The upcoming HN release is over the not too distant horizon and has been edging closer and closer over the coming months. Tune into the radio show from the 37:00 mark to hear the boys talk about HN and our upcoming release. Rest assured that all of the time we are spending in the studio is to get this 110% perfect so that what we put out is the best we can possibly offer. Our next release has the working title 'Ages' for as the Obelisk draws closer and closer, a new age begins.

Whilst the first part of the release is still at least a few months away, allow me to describe the cycle of existence.

After creation, we have an era of peace. Death and disease are unknown – all that exists is perfect order and harmony across the cosmos. All things must end, however, and as the first man dies, the first vestiges of chaos herald a new age. As man becomes more and more frightened of losing what he has, war and conflict break out, bringing in an age where order and chaos are just barely balanced. When this balance breaks, chaos reigns supreme, with death and destruction as the only rulers of the stars.

At the end of this age, we see a rapid decay….and a rebirth. The cycle repeats. And repeats again. But every age has its story, and every story has its teller.

Soon, these stories will be told.


Wendy was a great host and we'd like to extend a special thanks for having us on her Metal Genesis show. We look forward to gracing the airwaves again closer to the launch of our next release.



You can hear the full show here - Our interview comes in at the  19:45 mark

Loki Interviewed on Midnight Mosh Radio


Last week we were approached by the enthusiastic hosts of Midnight Mosh radio who were very impressed with our set at the Gloryhammer show and offered us a slot on their radio show. Tune into 3MDR 91.7 FM's Midnight Mosh radio show tonight at 12:00am to hear Loki (channeling the will of The Obelisk) interviewed. He will talk all things metal including HN's plans over the few months. Tune in and don't miss out.