The Third Age Dawns....

Balance has been achieved, the forces of good and evil stand equal. Yet, it is inherent in human nature for one side to strive for dominance. When the battlefield is level, war is inevitable. The Third Age is ushered in with blood and smoke and the cries of the fallen echo on a thousand war-torn stages. The air reeks of iron and death, and the cacophony of artillery is matched only by the battle cries that ring with bloodlust and rage. This Age, this era of war is violence incarnate. It is the desperation to achieve victory over a foe every bit as determined as you. It is the survival instinct that pushes men to commit atrocities against one another, and, in the end, the ideologies and principles that drove them to take sides are forgotten and washed away in a tide of death that leaves no victors and no one to lament those left in the mud.

The Third Age is upon us and it is heralded by grinding tracks, brazen horns and the raw throated clamour raised by the countless millions marching in lock step to their doom.

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