The Obelisk Through Time pt. 1


Cosmic hails Kvlt! Consistently throughout history the progress of mankind has been attributed to many things:

  • hard work
  • science
  • aliens

The truth is of course that mankind could not possibly have climbed out of the primordial bog onto land and started fucking everything in sight without a little "divine inspiration". The Obelisk has been subtly influencing events during the relatively tiny lifespan of humanity since day one, and when it isn't obliterating alien races or gazing infinitely across time, it likes to affect key global events.  In this blog the focus is on the early history of mankind.


Early documentary footage of the Obelisk on a primitive planet

The Obelisk has influence on both the physical growth as well as the spiritual and moral character of anything it comes into contact with. Whether it influences it for the better is entirely up to the Obelisk. Some people of the universe fall entirely under the sway of the Obelisk, and it affects their growth indefinitely, permanently altering their cultural and spiritual development.

The Obelisk can even influence language.

For the most part, the Obelisk will not outright obliterate anything without good reason, however throughout history there have been several notable characters who have drawn the ire of the Obelisk to the point where it has been forced to intervene.

Sic semper tyrannis! AKA ZAP ZAP

So as you can see, nothing is safe from the Obelisk's influence.

Not even you!

All Hail the Obelisk.


PS: Tune in soon for more completely true and factual stories about the Obelisk

Hybrid Nightmares Trivia Pt.1


Greetings! We spend a lot of time promoting the band and writing songs, jet-setting around the galaxies in our inter-dimensional warp vehicles; but I've realized, you guys don't know much about us. Which is a shame, because under the layers of ego, celebrity and space warlord, we are genuine people, who at least try to care about human kind. The fact we haven't opened fire with the celestial lance stands as proof!

But I digest. Here are some quirky little factoids from a series I will be doing, exposing the sesame seedy underbelly of the band. I'm just gonna lay them out rapid fire and you can absorb them at your own pace and question what you thought you knew about the universe later. Here we go:

  • Before forming the band with Jon in 2007, Adam played in death metal band A.D Massacre with Terra Australis guitarist Aaron
  • Ben and Jon used to play in an after school jazz band, it was gay.
  • Loki used to sing for Corpseraven featuring Matt from Aural Window and Rory from Brutonomy
  • Matt only joined the band because he came along to the audition for Loki. Matt got the job because we asked him to play the solo from Freebird at double speed, and he goddam did!
  • We first played alongside buddies Harlott and Orpheus Omega in the Emergenza battle of the bands in 2008.
  • At the time of Matt's last show in December 2009, Ashes of An Astral Winter was still untitled and had only been fully rehearsed twice. It still contained the infamous "crack butterflies" spoken word part.
  • Loki has performed in a Borat style mankini and once received a littering fine and a stern word from the police after throwing a hamburger from a moving car at another car. He hit a brand new commodore club sport, black and recently washed. The driver was not impressed.

And that concludes part one of our little trivia session. So, until next time, keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on stars and soon enough you'll have a crook neck.