The Fourth Age is Upon You








The Fourth Age is now upon you! Click here to head to the store and order your copy, and a heap of other merch! The event for our launch gig is live, and you can click here for the facebook event!

The track by track of the release:

Destroyer of Worlds: A furious blast of aggression that heralds in the end times. Wailing siren guitars and the ominous tones of Oppenheimer accompany the razor wire riffs and machine gun drums.

The First Heretic: Screaming into existence, First Heretic is relentless and driving, twisting schizophrenic metaphors over a blackened thrash torture rack. The chorus kicks in with the tribal throb of bass and drums, before slamming into a groove that shakes the foundations of heaven.

Soil Made Flesh: With barely a moment to breathe, Soil Made Flesh hammers through riff after crushing riff. The bridge drops like an atom bomb, a slow crush that threatens the integrity of the spinal column of any lost soul upon whom it lands.

Dashavatara: Ambitious and epic, Dashavatara moves through the epic saga of the Avatars of Destruction. This is the ultimate expression of Hybrid Nightmares genre bending, blending sweeping progressions with technical and groove laden riffs, spacious acoustic sections that evoke ancient worlds. Best listened to whilst staring at the stars and contemplating the futility of existence.

Kali: Swirling and cascading through softly arranged chords and gently rising to a crescendo before the last notes resolve the Ages with lilting harmony.