The moment i found metal


How did you find heavy metal? I remember being at a friends house around the age of 7. His big brother had spiky hair and would play Korn and Limp Bizkit. I remember thinking how cool the music was. So i started singing nookie by Limp Bizkit. I had no idea what it meant and i didn't care.

Time went on and i sort of forgot about it. I had a friend who had got me into Eminem and rap. Which was fun. But i was still listening to The Offspring and Blink 182 a lot.

Then i started high school and met a guy who gave me a CD of video clips. It had Cradle of Filth, Marliyn Manson and Slipknot on it. As soon as the music hit me, i knew what i wanted to do with my life.  I quickly got into bands like Strapping Young Lad and Dimmu Borgir. I got a drum kit with in a year and joined a band within another year.

So how did you first hear metal?