The Writing Process: Dead Star Goddess

Hey guys, Jonny here. I know it's been a while, but hey, sometimes reception in space is just shit-house. Now that I have escaped the black hole (which admittedly I should never have flown into to retrieve my frisbee), I can continue to illuminate the thoughts and ideas that led to the creation of the songs you hear on the Ages release. This one has caused a bit of a stir amongst reviewers and fans alike. It is perhaps the strangest of the songs on the First Age, a true amalgam of styles. Without further adieu: Dead Star Goddess:

Dead Star was a bit of a mash up when I put it together, anyone who is really familiar with the band may recognize some of the bridge riffs from an older song which got scrapped before we recorded the self titled EP. The opening chord progression and chorus sections were my attempt to understand how Ghost writes some their music. When I found that first chord that you hear at the start of the song, it reminded me a bit of Aussie black metal heroes Ruins. From there I attempted to create a Ruins interpretation of Ghost and the strange aggressive/melancholic melody of the first half of the song was born. Ben has a shredder of a solo during the bridge and Loki put some really quick rhymes over those pummelling riffs. I think lyrically, the song is quite a beautiful blend of epic mythos and applicable philosophy.


Short and sweet I know, but honestly this song came strangely naturally to us and was one of the easier ones to get the structure down. It can't all be aches and pains, sometimes a song just works and there really wasn't much to it. It is one of my favorites off the Ages release and I hope to hear feedback from you guys... so I can laugh and show the guys, so that they can laugh... then we will destroy a star system to celebrate...there will be much mirth. Thank you Earthlings, for showing us this "humour" you hold so dear. It is the only thing that has saved your puny planet thus far...that and Krispy Kremes. SpaceGod Bless America.