The Writing Process: The First Age - Black Heart


Alrighty folks, I'm back for another installment of the writing process behind the First Age and this week I focused on the hook heavy and ultimately catchy Black Heart. Black Heart:

So Black Heart has a very strange origin story. At the time it was written; there were some tensions in the band during the recording of the self titled EP. In August of 2011 Trivium released In Waves and I was completely taken with the new direction. The band however did not share my enthusiasm. It felt like this little disagreement and the barbed comments and heckling were epitomising the underlying tensions and as a result I wrote Black Heart as a reaction, to prove that Trivium’s new sound channelled through Hybrid Nightmares could create a powerful song. The riffs just fell into place and before I knew it, the song wrote itself. It probably has the least black or extreme metal influence and I think the heaviness in some parts comes more from the frustration I felt at the time, than from the actual music being heavy. What really made the song for me was when we finally got around to working on it as a band, we were fresh and new, old tensions forgotten. We were becoming the well oiled and efficiently creative machine we are now. Loki’s layered vocals really blew me away and when Ben showed us his solo, I nearly wept because it was so perfect. I must tip my hat to Batty also who took the song away and wrote the incredible drum patterns that add yet another layer to the killer chorus I can’t help but sing in my head constantly. This song started as a childish angry reaction to goading and became a mature and heartfelt collaboration from everyone in the band.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of insight on our song and I hope to see you at the next gig!