Top 5 Music Video Clips


I'll admit it - I don't watch music clips anywhere near as much as I listen to CDs. I don't even listen to individual songs much - I tend to listen to a full album at a time. That being said, music clips can be fantastic for adding depth and character to a song and a band, and I do have a few favourites I'd like to share with you all.

I have a preference for clips that fit the song, so each of the following relates in some way or another to the style of the song and what it represents. I've not limited my list to purely metal either.


Number 5: Tool - 'Schism'

Adam Jones' clip for Schism is mesmerising to watch, and you've gotta love the dark yet understated style he adopts. Both literal and suggestive of the songs deeper themes, it's a great example of our of the box music style.


Number 4: Powderfinger - 'Passenger'


Speaking of out of the box. It's Powderfinger. In suticases. In space. What's not to love? The animation may be a bit dated by today's standards, but Fifty Fifty films clip again combines the literal interpretation of the song with some surreal styling.


Number 3: Meshuggah - 'New Millenium Cyanide Christ'

Moving away from crazy effects and great production, this clip shows how awesome it can be to watch musicians do what the do best – albeit sans instruments. All the energy is there, all the performance is there, and it allows you to focus on the music itself.


Number 2: Red Fang - 'Wires'

It's Red Fang, and it's entertaining. This is probably one of the few clips where I actually enjoy the visual entertainment more than the music (not to say that the music's not good too, of course).


Number 1: Mastodon - 'Sleeping Giant'

First up - shortening songs for video is a pet peeve of mine. Regardless, this clip has animation, cheesy Sci Fi and has one of my favourite Mastodon tracks in it. I'll admit it's definitely not for everyone, but it just combines so many things I love that it had to take the top spot.


These are my all time top 5 favourites today. Tomorrow it'll probably be all grunge clips, or nothing but claymation. C'mon, I challenge you to pick 5 clips!