The Obelisk Through Time pt. 1


Cosmic hails Kvlt! Consistently throughout history the progress of mankind has been attributed to many things:

  • hard work
  • science
  • aliens

The truth is of course that mankind could not possibly have climbed out of the primordial bog onto land and started fucking everything in sight without a little "divine inspiration". The Obelisk has been subtly influencing events during the relatively tiny lifespan of humanity since day one, and when it isn't obliterating alien races or gazing infinitely across time, it likes to affect key global events.  In this blog the focus is on the early history of mankind.


Early documentary footage of the Obelisk on a primitive planet

The Obelisk has influence on both the physical growth as well as the spiritual and moral character of anything it comes into contact with. Whether it influences it for the better is entirely up to the Obelisk. Some people of the universe fall entirely under the sway of the Obelisk, and it affects their growth indefinitely, permanently altering their cultural and spiritual development.

The Obelisk can even influence language.

For the most part, the Obelisk will not outright obliterate anything without good reason, however throughout history there have been several notable characters who have drawn the ire of the Obelisk to the point where it has been forced to intervene.

Sic semper tyrannis! AKA ZAP ZAP

So as you can see, nothing is safe from the Obelisk's influence.

Not even you!

All Hail the Obelisk.


PS: Tune in soon for more completely true and factual stories about the Obelisk

Loki's Top Five Metal Vocalists

Fuck you all! In the lead up to our next release I have been listening to a lot of bands, old favourites and new alike, and been thinking about how they have influenced the Hybrid Nightmares vocal and lyrical style.

So, for the benefit of the disciples of the Obelisk, I have compressed over 3 trillion years of cosmic space vocal power into a top five. Quite conveniently, they are all located on Earth (part of the reason you are all still alive, your welcome). So without consuming any more of your precious moments, here are my top five metal vocalists:

Number 5 - Hoest (Taake)

Easily the most piercing and hellish voice on this list, Hoest has an amazing way of making his voice sound completely hollow, like the soul of what he is saying is long since dead and is struggling to escape his lungs. He is completely raw with it, intense and powerful, and has a great way of layering and composing his vocals to give them this immense, intimidating presence. I only started listening to Taake in the last few years, but it has changed the way I impose emotion into my screams, trying to communicate an idea or feeling through noise without using words.

Favourite line - no idea, don't know runes for shit

Number 4 - ICS Vortex (Borknagar, ICS Vortex, ex Dimmu Borgir)

The only primarily clean singer on this list, ICS Vortex makes the cut as both a lyricist and vocalist. The way he assembles words into sentences, and his ability to rhyme are incredible. Vortex lyrics stick in your mind long after you hear them. He is a born story teller, crafting images in your mind with his singing. If there were ever a metal equivalent of a bard or skald it would be ICS Vortex. It is my belief that he has the most easily distinguished clean singing voice in melodic, black, and extreme metal, effortlessly contributing to several lineups across his career.

Favourite line - Blue shades on white announcing the rite taking place here to tonight, fading to black then explode in attack hits the blazing northern lights.

Number 3 - Satyr (Satyricon)

In a genre where things are often over described, dragged out or done to death, Satyr is a beam of black light through the fog. He is the most succinct black metal vocalist alive. No bullshit, no fluffing out lyrics, he just straight up communicates his message. Sometimes listening to Satyr feels like being talked down to by an older brother, as if he is saying, "listen to me, I'll make it simple, this is for your own good". Satyricon is a band I think have never released a bad album, and Satyr is a part of that legacy, which he builds with no compromise and no remorse. The way he communicates disdain and hate in particular is incredible, as if he is trying to turn his words into blades of knowledge and jam them into your ears.

Favourite line - I hate you to a level of intoxication

Number 2 - Abbath (Immortal)

That is Sir Abbath to everyone ever. If black metal had a monarchy, Abbath would be knighted and sit on the throne of Blashrykh forever. A good deal of the tongue in cheek and self satire of Hybrid Nightmares is rooted in Abbath's stage presence. His influence is both easily seen and heard at any of our shows, and on all our releases. A master of all things grim and necro, His Majesty Abbath reigns supreme over all but one...

Favourite line - Who battled strong to win these wars, one by one, we took your lives

Number 1 - Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir)

By far the biggest single influence on me as a vocalist, Shagrath is a fantastic performer, vocalist and part-lyricist. One of the earliest bands I can remember listening to fanatically in my youth, I had the pleasure of seeing them 7 times in 2011, and meeting them aswell, and would do it all again. Shagrath commands a crowd, an experience similar to watching a sorcerer/warlord command an army of loyal soldiers. He dominates completely on stage. He is truly a king amongst slaves in my mind.

Favourite line - Left are the kings of the carnival creation carrying on the echoes of the fallen

Post your favourite vocalists below in the comments! What bands/musicians/singers have influenced you the most?

NB: I know these guys have been in other bands than the ones mentioned, but these are the ones that have influenced me.

Battys TOP 10 - Movies


So here is a list of movies i think you should check out. Most of the people that know me or have seen a picture of me will know i love horror movies. But this list will contain others. These are in no specific order.  

The Devils Rejects

We will start with a movie i loved from the first time i saw it. A movie where the soundtrack is on my most played list. This is of course The Devils Rejects by Rob Zombie. It tells the story of a family of murderers who are escaping the law. Now this movie makes you root for the bad guys. Because the supposed good guy is blinded by revenge, he suddenly becomes a cock. The first movie "House of a thousand corpses" did not have you rooting for the family at all. They were the average bad guys. Who killed and were messed up. Then TDR just turns it all around.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

One of my favourites since i was lad. I still sing Pure Imagination all the time. This is one of my favourite scenes. And Gene Wilder is one of my favourite comedic actors.


Dead snow

This Norwegian movie about Nazi zombies won my heart when it first came out. I watched it three times in two days. This is a great scene and sort of sums up the whole movie. Dead snow 2 is out this year and i cant wait.


Army of Darkness

I watched this for the first time when i was 13. And i thought it was the greatest movie i'd ever scene. Loved every part of it. The crappy effects made this movie 100 times better.


Friday The 13th Part 7 - The New Blood

My favourite of all the Friday the 13th's Kane Hodder is the best Jason.


Friday The 13th Part 8 - Jason Takes Manhattan

My second favourite Friday the 13th haha. This one has some great deaths. Like the boxer and the punk chick haha.


Batman (1989)

This was the first Batman movie i saw. I think i watched it daily for a while. I loved Batman as a kid. The music was so good in this movie. The start of the movie with the DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAA DAA. Loved it. And jack Nicholson as the Joker was rad. The one line that sticks in my head is "Have you ever danced wit the devil in the pale moon light?"


The Nightmare Before Christmas

I think this movie makes a lot of peoples top 10. But that is only because its so good.


The Mask

Another movie that needs no explanation as to why i love it.


Little Shop of Horrors

You can tell by now i like musicals. This is a great one about an alien plant who wants to take over the world. Great songs and story. This one is great. the in mouth camera is awesome.



So what did you think of my list. I could of done a top 100. But i wanted to try and keep it short and movies that you already knew i liked. This did start as a top 5 haha. What do you think of these movies? If you haven't seen them yet, go give them a watch and tell me what you think.

The Blood Moon


Tonight across this blue earth, the Blood Moon dawns. The first of four in the tetrad bleed this black night. The sun, earth and moon align in an oath of red hate against this planet, four Blood Moons, four horsemen, four ages. The start of the cycle.

Cast your mortal gaze upon the red moon, and feel it staring back with contempt.