Hybrid Nightmares is one of Australia's best live acts with a chaotic, relentless and above all, entertaining live show. The band’s sound and theatrical stage show perfectly meld extreme metal elements with sci-fi inspirations for a truly unique experience.

They have gone from strength to strength since the release of their debut album, “Almagest,” completing a full Australian tour in support of the release in 2017. This year Hybrid Nightmares have already supported Ihsahn and Cradle of Filth, completed their second tour of Japan supporting Eluveitie and show no signs of slowing down, preparing to bring Almagest and their next release to fans worldwide.

For fans of: Ihsahn, Cradle of Filth, Enslaved.

These chieftains of extreme swayed the crowd into ecstasy the whole time they were on.
— Metal Obsession
The entire set can only be described as epic, yet there is a down to earth quality to the music and members that creates a lasting connection with the audience.
— OVERDRIVE Magazine
Hybrid Nightmares demand all of your attention, and you can tell very quickly, this is the band most people are here to see.
— HEAVY Magazine

Notable Shows/tours:

Cradle of Filth - Australia 2018
Ihsahn - Australia 2018
Eluveitie - Japan 2018
Hybrid Nightmares Album tou - Australia 2017/2018Fleshgod Apocalypse - Australia 2017
Napalm Death, Brujeria & Lock Up - Australia 2017Be'lakor - Australia 2016
Finntroll - Japan 2016
Abbath - Australia 2015
Ne'Obliviscaris & Beyond Creation - Australia 2014
Enslaved - Australia 2013