Almagest - Mega Bundle

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Almagest - Mega Bundle


Hybrid Nightmares - Almagest - Mega Bundle

The Almagest Mega Bundle includes:
1 x Almagest Album
1 x Limited Edition Almagest T Shirt
1 x Limited Edition Almagest Flag
1 x Limited Edition Prime Mover Pin

The limited edition shirt has an image on Hybrid Nightmares in armour, ready for carnage!
The Flag shows the Almagest Album Art. The Pilgrim and his two guides looking into the cosmic.

The Prime Mover pin has come from beyond the stars. Can you handle the mighty power of the Prime Mover? 

Track Listing:

1. Terra
2. Luna
3. Mercuri
4. Lucifer-Vesper
5. Sol
6. Ultor
7. Jupiter
8. Saturni
9. Firmamentum
10. Almagest

More Info:

Almagest is the debut concept album from Melbourne’s progressive extreme quintet Hybrid Nightmares. As a fully realized concept album, Almagest takes the listener on a journey through the heavenly spheres as imagined by Aristotle. This journey, both spiritual and thematic, is undertaken by an automaton known as the Pilgrim, and his two guides - a la Dante and Virgil - who light his way and offer him differing perspectives relative to their callings – one being a spiritual or faithful presence, the other being a man of science and reason. With his guides, the Pilgrim journeys via pseudo astral projection that takes him from the grave he was buried in with his beloved master, to the outer reaches of the heavenly spheres where he encounters the primordial force that Aristotle theorised was some kind of Prime Mover, a that name later became synonymous with the Christian God at the advent of that faith. Combining Greek and Roman theology, mythology and astronomy with Renaissance religious symbolism and esotericism, Almagest is the culmination of centuries of mysticism and ancient philosophies portrayed through a sci-fi lens all within the melancholic milieu of Hybrid’s signature sound.

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